Quotes Hi, I talked to you Saturday at the Ft Knox craft fair and bought the Black Widow. Love it. I need some Grim Reaper, and now I have a friend addicted as well. By far, the best hot jellies we've had. Thank you!!! -Ashley Quotes

Quotes JUST WOW!! So now I sit at the breakfast table in the morning JUST STARING at two pieces of toast...one wafting delicious zesty lemon to my nose, the other smelling like a tropical island breeze. Miami Vice or Breakfast with Pele? How do I decide? Warm, tangy, citrus...or a sweet, fruity delight that's quickly followed by a steady volcanic burn that even the Hawaiian gods would smile about! We've never had flavors like these...we're gonna have to try them all! (If I go to bed right now, does that mean I can wake up and have more toast?) Who knew breakfast came with this much contemplation? =) TMM Quotes
The Married Merchants
Very well met and appreciative friends.

Quotes Another jar bites the dust.. .yum yum... can't wait for another delivery. It taste like a fuzzy navel.. peach.. omg Quotes
Bobbi Lynn
Happy mom for Fuzzy Navel Jam

Quotes I ordered some jam and jellies from Two-Sisters Jams and they are wonderful. The Spicy Peach Jam was delicious on hot biscuits and toast. The Apple Rum Raisin Jam with Walnuts was fantastic on ice cream as well as scones. They make good Christmas gifts and they don't cost a lot of money. Better hurry though, before favorites are gone! Quotes
Eddie Benson
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Got a jar of the Sizzling Georgia Peach at the Fleur De Flea --used it as a glaze for a grilled pork loin.....AWESOME !!!!! We will be getting more ! Quotes
The O'Hara

Quotes I met you Two Sisters and the Dude at the North Pole at North Hardin High School a week or so back. Not only were all of you so friendly and fun to talk to, your products are just amazing! I bought some of James' Naked Red Root Relish (great with Brown Beans!) and a jar of Grim Reaper Pepper Jam, which I am eating right now on Ritz Crackers. It is now might favorite pepper jam! Hope to meet up with you all again soon! Quotes
Donnie Estep "The Pepper Lovin' Preacher"

Quotes One of my elementary students blessed me for Christmas with some out of this world DELICIOUS Sizzling Georgia Peach Hot Pepper Jam!! BRAVO!! Oh the memories of Home sweet home in Atlanta rushed in. We usually have to wait to travel during breaks or holidays to get our GA specialties. My husband is about to demolish this poor little jar of jam. LOL! Quotes
V. Williams
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Yesterday, I made myself an egg sandwich; English muffin, cream cheese, egg over medium, and some of your hot pepper jelly. It was REALLY good. I love your stuff! Quotes
Sarah Moeding
Flea Off Market Customer

Quotes I bought the Black Widow yesterday on Ft. Knox and it is sooooo amazing!! Put it on cream cheese with ritz crackers. Quotes
Amy Webb Zornes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I'm so glad that I found you at the Fort Knox Holiday Bazaar on Friday. I can't wait to share the Carrot Apple Butter with my nieces. When and where is your next show? Quotes
Lori Ankabrandt
New Friend